How to Become a Recognized Student Organization

There are several steps that must be taken to start a new student organization and be officially recognized at CSM. If you have any questions regarding the process below or what being a recognized student organization entails, please contact Jenny Nichols at

1. Check that your club doesn't already exist

Please go through our list of current organizations to make sure someone else hasn't already started the club you want to start.

2. Compile a List of Interested Members

The list should include name, class (freshman, sophomore, etc), and CWID for at least 10 students. This form has been provided for your convenience.

3. Find a Faculty Member to Serve as the Organization Advisor

This is a requirement for all organizations as it is important for our organizations to have some support from a member of the campus community.  It also helps to establish a sense of organizational continuity from year to year. It works best if the faculty member has an interest in the organization’s purpose.  The advisor’s level of commitment depends on the needs of the organization.

Finding an advisor is just as simple as asking a staff or faculty member to advise your club! If it is a new professional society, your department secretary would be a good first option to approach and see who they would recommend. For social clubs, you could ask your favorite staff or faculty member as long as they have an email address.

4. Draft By-Laws

By-laws are required for all organizations to define the organization's structure and function. Here is a sample set of by-laws to use as a template and help you get started. The non-discrimination statement must appear in all organizations' by-laws verbatim. If you need any assistance in drafting your by-laws, please contact BSO Exec.

5. Complete the New Student Organization Application

The application requires that you upload your list of prospective members and drafted by-laws. You can start your submission and save it to finish later if need be. Once your form is completed, your advisor will be contacted for their approval.


Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will be contacted by BSO Exec to schedule a meeting to walk you through campus processes, general organization management, and answer any questions you may have.

New organizations will be assigned a tier status of 0+, indicating that the organization did not exist the previous year and desires to be a tier 1 next year. The following year, the organization can declare as a 1+ to move up to tier 2 if they so choose. This system is in place to promote sustainability for organizations that receive more funding.

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