USG Funding Guidelines

USG will fund items, or events, which contribute to the functioning of an organization within the framework of the organization’s mission, unless otherwise prohibited by the USG bylaws or other applicable law or policy.  Funding shall be rendered in the amounts deemed appropriate and necessary by the USG Budget Committee.

Eligibility for Funding

The following guidelines shall be used for all funded organizations, and to consider if an organization is eligible for funding:

  • Only student organizations that are officially recognized may apply for funding.  Request forms are available in the USG and Student Activities Offices and will be made available electronically. 
  • An organization’s membership shall be composed of one hundred percent (100%) registered CSM students (exceptions may be made for faculty/staff members or advisors).
  • USG shall not fund any activities, events, or organizations which do not adhere to school policies and procedures as stated in the Student Code of Conduct (including CSM Alcohol Policy).
  • Newly formed groups and organizations may apply for a maximum budget request of $100 in their first year.  If the group shows responsibility in handling this money, then further money may be requested through the Budget Committee.
  • The funding period for all student organizations shall be from the beginning of classes in the Fall Semester to the end of classes in the Spring Semester.
  • Groups and organizations must have a positive, or at a minimum, zero balance at the end of the fiscal year which runs July 1 to June 30.  No organization will be allowed to enter the new fiscal year with a negative balance. 
  • Excess subsidy left in any group’s account at the end of the funding period will be rolled over to the next year.  NOTE: An organization should make every effort to spend the money during the academic year in which it was received.  If this becomes a problem, the organizations funds may be placed into a general unallocated account and will be considered capital gain for USG.
  • The Budget Committee can make exceptions to any of the above guidelines for special situations.  These exceptions must be passed by the majority of the committee.

Limitation Recommendations

The Budget Committee may make recommendations limiting the areas and specific purposes in which funds may be spent (see below).  The recommendation from the committee shall be considered binding after approval by USG.

  • Uniforms may be purchased only if they are to stay with the organization.  No personal clothing shall be purchased with USG funds.
  • Clothing, such as t-shirts, may be purchased with club funds only if club members will be reimbursing the club for the purchase, if the t-shirt is included in the membership dues or if the item will be used for a club fundraiser.
  • A minimum of $10 is required for reimbursement of gasoline purchases.
  • No funding for individual food stipends shall be provided, with the exception of conferences, tournaments, and multi-day student activities.  In those special cases up to $10.00/day/person may be reimbursed.
  • Funding for food shall be limited to major events only.  If your organization wants to have food at your regular meetings, then the organization will need to charge the appropriate amount in dues to cover this expense. 

Additional Policies

  • Organizations receiving funding are not allowed to have an off-campus banking account.
  • All groups which receive funding must process all paperwork through the USG Treasurer or designee; this includes returning receipts with all paperwork.
  • All CSM purchases made with CSM purchasing forms or placed on a University Procurement Card are tax-exempt. 
  • If an organization makes an unauthorized purchase, the individual making the purchase will be held responsible for the cost.
  • Gift card purchases can only be made via Travis Smith’s procurement card.  You WILL NOT be refunded for gift cards purchases made in any other manner. 

For an idea of what Budget Committee looks at for allocation requests,
check out the Budget Committee Funding Guidelines

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