Where Student Organizations Fit at Mines

The CSM Student Body is governed by the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and Graduate Student Government (GSG) via a joint-operating agreement.

GSG is made up of representatives from all the departments on campus with graduate programs and officially allocates funds for graduate-student-only student organizations, although these organizations are often self-sufficient and do not rely on GSG. For more information about GSG, please visit their website.

USG Senate is comprised of four representatives from each of the four classes of students (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior), four representatives from BSO, and an executive council. For more information about USG, please visit their website.

Within USG are 8 governing bodies: Board of Publications (BoP), Board of Student Organizations (BSO), Club Sports Council (CSC), Interfraternity Council (IFC), International Student Council (ISC), Mines Activities Council (MAC),  Panhellenic Council, and Residence Hall Association (RHA). All of these governing bodies must act in accordance of USG's By-laws. Additionally, these governing bodies request funds and advocate on behalf of their constituents to USG's Budget Committee. The Budget Committee allocates funds from the Student Activity Fee to all 8 governing bodies, the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC), and some applicants for additional one-time expenses such as academic trips or conferences.

The Board of Publications is comprised of the Oredigger and Mines Internet Radio.

The Club Sports Council oversees a baseball team, a cycling team, an ice-hockey team, men's and women's lacrosse teams, men's and women's rugby teams, a ski team, three soccer teams, a tennis team, a men's ultimate team, and three volleyball teams. For more information about CSC, please visit their website.

The Interfraternity Council oversees all the fraternities on campus and The Panhellenic Council oversees all the sororities on campus.

The International Student Council serves as a common platform for international students and student groups to celebrate and experience the variety of cultures and backgrounds that have converged at Mines. For more information, please visit their OrgSync portal.

Mines Activities Council organizes campus events such as homecoming, E-Days, and weekly movie nights. For more information about MAC, please visit their website.

The Residence Hall Association is a student leadership group of residents organized to provide educational and social program and activities for fellow residents. RHA exists to serve students and help make the transition to living in a residence hall as smooth as possible. For more information about RHA, please visit their website.

The Board of Student Organizations is comprised of all the student organizations that do not fall under the above governing bodies. BSO organizes all said organizations into a Tier Structure to better allocate student funds to student groups that are better serving the CSM campus. Additionally, all student organizations must meet these requirements set forth by Student Activities to be officially recognized. For mor information about BSO, please visit their website.

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