Official Recognition as a CSM Student Organization

Official recognition as a CSM Student Organization has many benefits including permission to advertise in designated areas, use of Student Activities publicity resources, and access to an OrgSync portal. To become an officially recognized student organization, please follow these instructions.

Recognized student organizations must update their contact information on OrgSync at the beginning of the fall semester each year and maintain updated officer contact information and meeting day/time information. Additionally, student organizations desiring more than $250 in annual allocations must complete the responsibilities outlined in the Tier Structure.

Student Organizations and their members must act in accordance with state law, CSM Code of Conduct, CSM Student Organization Handbook, USG Bylaws, BSO Bylaws, Organization Bylaws, or another applicable governing council's bylaws.


Probation is defined as the loss of benefits and a maximum budget allowance of $100, until the organization regains recognition.

An organization can be put on probation for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Violation of any state law, CSM Code of Conduct, CSM Student Organization Handbook, USG Bylaws, BSO Bylaws, organization bylaws, or another applicable governing council’s bylaws (i.e. IFC).
  • Failure to update organization information with the Student Activities Office (including Bylaws)
  • Misuse of funds
  • Amendments to your organization’s Bylaws that conflict with state laws, CSM Code of Conduct, or other governing council’s rules and regulations.

The terms of Probation are as follows:

  • Probation shall be no longer than two semesters.  Special extension for an appropriate time may be granted by USG and the Associate Director of Student Activities for Student Organizations.
  • A freeze will be put on the organization’s account for the semester of probation. 
  • If your organization is on probation for a second consecutive semester, then it will result in de-recognition.
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