Resources for Student Organizations

In order for Student Organizations to utilize the following resources, they must first become officially recognized.

Student Activities Office Resources

Mail/Lockers - All student Organizations are able to receive mail in the Student Activities Office or reserve a Locker outside the Student Activities Office. If you wish to obtain a  locker, fill out a request form located on OrgSync. Lockers must be re-requested each year Tier 2 & 3 Organizations receive priority.

Poster/Art Supplies - As a funded USG organization, you have access to supplies such as butcher paper, poster markers, colored paper, markers, and so on. These items are in the Student Activities conference room and workroom. Additionally, we have a Fuji Proimage poster maker which creates posters from your own letter/legal size originals.

OrgSync Portal - As a recognized organization, you are eligible to create an OrgSync portal within the Colorado School of Mines OrgSync umbrella community. OrgSync portals include websites that require a basic HTML knowledge or web editing software.

Computers - There are 2 computers available for student organization usage in the office.

Fax Machine - Student Organizations may use the fax machine located in the Student Activities workroom.  The fax number is 303.273.3931.

Helium - Helium for balloons for campus-wide special events is available from Student Activities.  Please call 303.273.3234 in advance. 

Sound System - The sound system with CD player, speakers, I-Pod connectivity, and microphone is available to reserve for use by officially registered student organizations.  Complete the Rental Agreement form available on OrgSync.

Sandwich Boards - Sandwich boards are available to reserve for use by officially registered student organizations.  Complete the Rental Agreement form available on OrgSync.

Publicity Resources

Community Calendar - OrgSync allows students to request to publicly post their events to the community calendar. Events that are open to the entire student body, and are not general meetings, are eligible to be approved.

Brunton - The Student Activities Office publishes the Brunton on an annual basis.  If you wish to have an activity listed in the 2013-2014 Brunton, please provide information to the Student Activities Office by May 1, 2013.

Electronic Marquee - Tier 2 and 3 Organizations are eligible to post events on the electronic marquee outside the Student Recreation Center.  Please fill out the form on OrgSync to create an advertisement for your organization. 

Student Media/Publications - The Oredigger and CSMBC/Mines Internet Radio offices are located within the Student Activities area.  To have an article published or obtain an ad in the Oredigger weekly paper, please email it to  A member of the staff will contact you regarding pricing and availability.  All pertinent information must be included in the article.  For specifics on using air time through MIR including weekly shows visit:

What's Happening! - Student Activities publishes a weekly email with the information about activities for the week. To be included, go to and click the link on the right hand side of the page to submit your event electronically.

OrgSync Promotions - Every Week, the Student Activities office promotes items from the community calendar to show up on the top banner of OrgSync.  To add get your event/meeting promoted post it as an event on OrgSync and select the option to request posting to the community calendar.

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