Student Organization Handbook

Student Organizations are an important part of the educational experience at the Colorado School of Mines.  Involvement in these organizations is a rewarding part of your time on campus.  Co-curricular activities provide leadership development opportunities that will enhance your college career and benefit your life after college.

This handbook will aid you in leading your organization and will familiarize you with the rules and policies related to officially recognized student organizations.  Because of the importance of involvement on campus, student organizations that are in good standing with the School, USG, and the Student Activities Office are given certain privileges.  See the Recognition section for more information on these privileges and the responsibilities that coincide. 

Feel free to stop by and talk with the staff in the Student Activities Office if you have any specific questions about involvement on campus. Also, please check out our website for more information on campus events.

Student Activities Team

Student Organization Recognition
          Where Student Organizations Fit at Mines
          Official Recognition Requirements
          Tier Structure
          Resources for Recognized Organizations

CSM Policies and Procedures
          Reservation Procedures for Rooms, Grounds, & Tables
          University Facilities Use Policy
          Student Alcohol Policy & Procedures
          Guidelines for Logo Use
          CSM Slacklining Policy

Financial Information
          USG Funding Guidelines
          Paperwork Procedure

Important Contact Information

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