The M-Climb

Each fall, incoming freshmen carry a 10-pound rock up to the M and then coat the symbol with fresh whitewash. The freshman are encouraged to bring a rock from their home town if they are able to. Graduating seniors are invited to return to the M and retrieve a rock.

Blue Key Plays an important role in the M-Climb from start to finish

  1. Early in the morning Members of Blue Key spray paint the hard hats of the freshman
  2. The massive throng of freshman is then divided into smaller groups. A few Blue Key members are chosen to lead each group up to the M.
  3. Campus organizations are camped out all along the road to the M and commonly greet the freshman with "cold refreshments." At each encampment the Blue Key leaders stop the freshmen and lead them in a rendition of the school song while refreshments are distributed. The noble organizations hand out otter pops or cups of water. The more boisterous organizations use squirt guns to cool the new Miners.
  4. The freshman form a bucket brigade along the short trail from the road to the M. They pass up buckets of white wash until large tubs located around the M are full. Blue Key forms a separate bucket brigade to pass down empty buckets to be refilled.
  5. Once the tubs are full of whitewash and all the freshman are on the M, Blue Key leads one last rendition of the school song
  6. Finally, the freshman are released to whitewash the M and each other!

Video of the M-Climb put together by the City of Golden

Watch for all the Blue Key members in the dark blue t-shirts!