Ever since our inception, Blue Key has been a campus leader in school spirit.  We play a role in all the important Mines traditions, like the M-Climb, football games, homecoming,  Winter Carnival, and the the E-Days ore-cart pull.  We also love to cheer on our athletic teams and other campus organizations!

We build school spirit by.....

  • Leading the freshman up to the M during the M-Climb.
  • Running Blaster down the field after Mines scores a touchdown.
  • Hosting Blaster and displaying a float during the homecoming parade.
  • Creating custom light designs on the M for special occasions throughout the year
  • Leading Blaster to the capital during the E-Days ore-cart pull.
  • Organizing the annual Winter Carnival event at Eldora Ski Resort
  • Cheering on our athletic teams throughout the year.
Blue Key and Blaster leading the Mines students to the Colorado capital during the ore-cart pull