Blaster's History

According to F.A. "Heinie" Foss, friend of Mines, and Jim Mulryan '54, the original Blaster was a burro that Foss kept as a pet for his children. She was small and affectionate, but "too lazy to have ever pulled an ore cart," according to Foss.

Blaster has a place in Mines history, especially in the history of Blue Key. Blue Key, of which Foss is an honorary member, made a special point to take Blaster, whenever possible to football games, Although the real Blaster died at the age of 33, another burro is used to help commemorate Blaster and the Mines spirit.

The current Blaster once lived here on the CSM campus, but was grumpy and mean sometimes and the school no longer wanted to keep him on campus so he was given to an animal shelter. The Laughing Valley Ranch picked him up there and gave him an attitude adjustment. He is now brought to campus periodically and his CSM Handlers, Blue Key Honor Society take care of him during his short stays in Golden.