Protocols for Interacting With Blaster

When Blaster is on campus a minimum of two Blue Key members will be on hand to assist with his care. In order to maintain a safe environment for the campus community, campus visitors, and Blaster the following protocols will be followed.

  • No person will get on his back or ride on him (an exception will be made for pictures of children as outlined below) .
  • A clear space of at least 3 feet in back of Blaster will be maintained.
  • Persons wanting to take a picture with Blaster may do so by standing with him or kneeling in front of him. If someone wants to take a picture with Blaster with his head raised Blue Key members will assist in correctly raising his head for pictures. (Children - under 30 lbs - may be placed on Blaster's back for a picture provided the child's parent is with the child and holding the child while on Blaster's back )
  • Blue Key members will monitor Blaster when people are around him and assist children in correctly petting Blaster using two fingers on his shoulders, or forehead. This will prevent him from being accidentally hit or his fur being pulled.
  • Only Blue Key members are permitted to feed him.
  • Blue Key will assure that he has access to water.
  • Blue Key members will clean up after Blaster and make sure his environment stays clean.