National Blue Key is a premier honor society established in 1924 that recognizes college students at institutions of higher education for balanced and all-around scholarship, leadership, and service. The CSM Blue Key Chapter, chartered in 1926, is a respected campus organization that traces its roots back to the turn of the 20th century. Its purposes: (1) To promote Mines spirit, and (2) To advocate those ideals of college life which will be of credit to each of us, and to our Alma Mater.

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The M on Mt. Zion is synonymous with Mines and the students here. At the beginning of their freshman year, each student climbs up Mt. Zion and adds a rock from their home town to the M.

 Blue Key is privileged to maintain the M, put up custom light designs on the M, and assist with the traditional freshman M-Climb.  Be sure to check out our M portal to learn the fascinating history behind the M, how custom light designs are put together, and much more!

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Blaster the Burro is the amazing Mines mascot! Blue Key has the unique honor of looking after Blaster while he is on campus for school events. To learn more about Blaster, the history behind him, and the events he is on campus for be sure to check out our Blaster page

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National Blue Key’s motto is: Zu Yiihpeton "Serving, I live", which may be further interpreted to mean, "I express my own life and character in what I am able to accomplish for my fellow man. True to our motto, Blue Key performs service in our community throughout the year. To learn more about all the service we do, be sure to check out our service page

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A central goal of our chapter is to build spirit on campus. Look for us at games, concerts, winter carnival, leading the freshman during the M-Climb, and running Blaster after Mines scores a touchdown!

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