Jenny Nichols  
About Jenny
I serve Mines as the Assistant Director for Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership Office. My office is located in the Student Center on the first floor. I have been at Mines since 2015 and serve as the advisor to the Board of Student Organizations (BSO) and as one of the advisors to oSTEM (Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Mines' LGBTQ+ group at Colorado School of Mines. Please stop by my office and say hi or if you'd like to meet about anything, just send me an email (!

Marie Seth Pisciotta - Webmaster 
About Marie
I'm Marie Pisciotta and I am a first year graduate student in Mechanical Engineering. I am the current Vice President of Campus Events in oSTEM and the current President of the Board of Student Organizations. through my contributions to this campus, I would like to see it become more inclusive by the time I leave. I am excited and honored to be part of this change!

Noah McQueen - BSO Vice President 
About Noah
Hi, my name is Noah and I am a Senior in the Chemical Engineering Program and a member of the McBride Program here at Colorado School of Mines. I currently serving as the President for the oSTEM group on campus, the Vice President of the Board of Student Organizations, as well as being a peer mentor for the first year class. On campus, my goal is to increase the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community, while increasing the number of resources provided for the students who need them. I work to foster a sense of community within the LGBTQ+ community on campus as we continue to create positive change. Personally, I have grown so much from being a part of oSTEM and have seen the community grow as well. We have come so far and I am excited to see where we will go.

Michael F Mason - Treasurer 
About Michael
BSO Treasurer
SAIL Front Desk

Alice Kwok - BSO Secretary 
About Alice
Emily Atkinson - BSO Tier Structure Director 
About Emily
Forrest Quinlan Werner - BSO Webmaster 
About Forrest
Hello, I'm Forrest Werner, a Junior in the Mechanical Engineering Program. Along with being involved with many organizations on campus I am currently the Webmaster of the Board of Student Organizations, Secretary for the CSM chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and event coordinator for ASME. Through my efforts on campus, I hope to allow students to pursue their passions and increase the range of opportunities that are available, while creating an inclusive campus. I look forward to being able to help in any way that I can!

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