Cheyenne M Footracer - President 
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Stephen Mulligan - Vice President 
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Elise Tran - Treasurer 
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Elise Tran is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. She is a highly active community member, holding executive officer positions in several organizations, joining various clubs, and volunteering regularly in the Denver Metro Area. Being a first generation college student, Elise is very passionate about access and equity for underrepresented groups in post-secondary education. She enjoys meeting new people and learning about different cultures around the world. Elise wants to be the first person in her family to graduate from college and continue creating milestones for future generations, especially for minority women in STEM careers.

In July 2015, Elise Tran was featured in The Huffington Post. The article can be found here:

Joe Crocker - Faculty Advisor 
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Andrea Salazar Morgan - Director, Multicultural Engineering Program 
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