Contact Club Officers

Access the portal of the organization.

If you are a member of said organization, simply hover over "Organizations" on the blue bar at the top of your screen and then click on the organization.

If you are not a member, search for the organization by clicking on "Organizations" on the blue bar at the top of your screen and then using the search bar or browse by letter feature to find the organization. Click on the organization's picture to access their portal.

Click on the "Profile" tab under the name of the organization.

The president's name and email address are listed for your convenience.

Also listed are the organization's meeting dates, times, and locations, and information about semesterly fees.

    Studies over the last 30 years have shown that students who engage on a college campus in outside of the classroom activities get better grades, graduate at a higher rate, make more money upon graduation, and, most importantly, report having a more FUN college experience.

    Get Involved!

    There are hundreds of ways to get involved at Colorado School of Mines including 180+ student organizations, club sports, Fraternity/Sorority life, intramural sports, student government, and service opportunities. To start getting involved just look through this list of student organizations, find a club you are interested in, and simply click a button.

    For more information on getting involved and joining organizations on OrgSync, click

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