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Once you've registered, it's time to get involved!

You can find organizations by clicking on Organizations at the top of the Community Home page

and browsing by category, name, or keywords.

You can see an overview of the organization in their portal under the Profile tab.

Once you find an organization you are interested in, click the green "Join Now" button on the right side of that organization's portal.

Open Organizations will allow you to join the organization right from this site simply by clicking the "Join Now" button.
Moderated Organizations will allow you to request to be a member by clicking the "Join Now" button and that request is moderated by the organization itself.
Invite Only Organizations (such as Honor Societies and Greek organizations) require an invite from within the group in order to join.

    Studies over the last 30 years have shown that students who engage on a college campus in outside of the classroom activities get better grades, graduate at a higher rate, make more money upon graduation, and, most importantly, report having a more FUN college experience.

    Get Involved!

    There are hundreds of ways to get involved at Colorado School of Mines including 180+ student organizations, club sports, Fraternity/Sorority life, intramural sports, student government, and service opportunities. To start getting involved just look through this list of student organizations, find a club you are interested in, and simply click a button.

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