Manage Your Involvement with To-Do Lists

Every individual and organization has a handy To-Do list feature that helps students manage their own tasks and cooperatively tackle endeavors.

OrgSync To-Do lists allow you to set due dates, declare priority levels, and assign tasks to club members/officers. Additionally, any participant of a To-Do List can comment on individual tasks. This collaborative tool is great for planning events or tackling projects in an efficient and timely manner.

Organization To-Do Lists

Organizations can create To-Do lists and assign members to tasks. Members can also claim unassigned tasks on a voluntary basis. When tasks are completed, the person it was assigned to can check it off to let everyone know how the project is progressing.

These To-Do lists can be found by clicking on "To-Do Lists" on the left-hand side of an organization's portal. If you cannot see this feature, you may not have permissions to participate in To-Do lists for that organization. 

Personal To-Do Lists

A handy feature of OrgSync is that it brings all the To-Do Lists you have access to in one place so you can better manage your time and involvement! Simply hover over "My Tools" in the top blue banner on OrgSync and select "To-Do Lists". You can even make a personal To-Do List that is only accessible by you!

    Studies over the last 30 years have shown that students who engage on a college campus in outside of the classroom activities get better grades, graduate at a higher rate, make more money upon graduation, and, most importantly, report having a more FUN college experience.

    Get Involved!

    There are hundreds of ways to get involved at Colorado School of Mines including 180+ student organizations, club sports, Fraternity/Sorority life, intramural sports, student government, and service opportunities. To start getting involved just look through this list of student organizations, find a club you are interested in, and simply click a button.

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