Hydrologic Science and Engineering Club
HSE Club Officers

Mary Forrester - GSG Representative 
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Terri S Hogue - Director: Hydrologic Science and Engineering Program 
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Kamini Singha - Co-Director: Hydrologic Science and Engineering Program 
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Aaron Jacob Bandler  
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Lauren Foster - President 
About Lauren
I'm a first year PhD student with Reed Maxwell in the Hydrology Department. My research interests include declining snowfall in alpine regions due to climate change, recharge pathways (surface-groundwater interactions), integrated models, and effectively incorporating social science research on communication and decision making under uncertainty into natural science.

I play competitive ultimate frisbee, so I'm always looking for people to throw or workout with, and I'm into almost any outdoor pursuit (mtn/road biking, climbing, skiing, backpacking, canyoneering, rafting, etc). I also like wine, beer, and nerdy board games.

I spent four years between my undergrad in physics from Colorado College and graduate school working in outdoor education and pursuing a music career.

Kenny Swift Bird  
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Nicole Bogenschuetz - Webmaster 
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Ryan Edgley - Vice President 
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Savannah Rae Miller - Professional Development 
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Jacob Sherman  
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Hydrology Science and Engineering Program grad student

Zack Walter - Treasurer 
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The HSE Club exists to establish, maintain, and expand the community, organization, and visibility of the HSE Program at Colorado School of Mines through creating social activities, maintaining an online presence, and fostering academic and professional events.