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Mines Little Theatre is a student run club that promotes creativity and spontaneity through linguistic activities and choreographed charades, in an attempt to combat the onset of cognitive degradation and to encourage and enhance the formation of relationships between individuals of the same turn of mind. Or, to put it simply, we organize theatrical shenanigans to relieve the stress of school and to build a community of like minded people.

Mines Little Theatre costs nothing to be a part of, and all we ask is you have a willingness to participate and a desire to have a phenomenal time.  We perform several plays in the fall semester, and a musical in the spring semester.  Auditions are low key, do not require preparation, and are well advertised so you never miss a chance to strut your stuff.

Any questions?  Please, don't hesitate to reach out and contact a member of the council (which is much less intimidating than it sounds).  We'd love to help you expand your love of the performing arts at a school surrounded by formulas!

Mines Little Theatre

Welcome to the club, and please, enjoy your stay.

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