Office Hours

Below are the times officers and member volunteer to hold office hours. We are here to answer your questions or simply to talk. Feel free to stop by! If we don't have an answer to your question, we will find someone who does.

Location: McBride House (Illinois St and 17th Street). The room is in the basement of McBride. If you need help finding the basement, ask the front desk employee for the McBride War Room and they will point you downstairs.  

Mondays (Alternating Weeks):
Kyle Blount (He/Him/His): 2-3
Jack Schoepf (They/Them/Theirs): 2-3

Wednesdays (Alternating Weeks):
Blake Jones (They/Them/Theirs or He/Him/His): 12-1
Kai Nichols (He/Him/His): 12-1

Brian Turner (He/Him/His): 1-2

If none of these times work for you, contact us at and we'll find a time!