Leadership Summit Committee

Kelsi StreichCommittee Headkstreich@mines.edu

Into the Streets Planning Committee

Quinn TenorioCommittee Headqktenorio@mines.edu

Faculty Awards Selection Committee

Mitchell HopperCommittee Head mhopper@mines.edu

Senior Gift

Aly DugdaleCommittee Head adugdale@mines.edu

Diversity Committee

Deb LasichCommittee Headdlasich@mines.edu

Research Council

Tzahi CathCommittee Headtcath@mines.edu

WAM Committee

Kelsi BuolCommittee Headkstreich@mines.edu

BeWell Committee

Rebecca PikeCommittee Headrpike@mines.edu

Board of Student Publications

Jonathan CullisonCommittee Headjculliso@mines.edu

Calendar Committee

Laura MedleyCommittee Headlmedley@mines.edu

Food Committee

Susan FukushimaCommittee HeadSusan.Fukushima@sodexo.com

Hardship Committee

 Roger CusworthCommittee Headrcuswort@mines.edu

IT Advisory Committee

Micheal EricksonCommittee Headerickson@mines.edu

Bylaws Committee

Zack Kyman Committee Head zkyman@mines.edu

Safe Ride Committee

Amber Brusak Committee Head abrusak@mines.edu

Publicity Committee

Sevy SwiftCommittee Head  swift@mines.edu 

Parking Advisory Committee

Anna WelscottCommittee Headawelscot@mines.edu


Mary ElliotCommittee Headmfelliot@mines.edu

Technology Fee Committee

Sara Schwarz and Micheal Erickson  Co-Committee Heads sschwarz@mines.edu erickson@mines.edu

Public Safety

Greg BohlanCommittee Headgbohlen@mines.edu

Alumni Association Board of Directors

Damien Friend Committee Headdfriend@mines.edu

Classroom Committee

Sam SpiegelCommittee Head sspiegel@mines.edu

Student Appeals Board

Derek MorganCommittee Headdmorgan@mines.edu

Vending Committee

Lisa GoberisCommittee Headlgoberis@mines.edu

Sustainability Committee

Sam CrispinCommittee Head scrispin@mines.edu