Digger Drive

"Orediggers helping Orediggers"

Digger Drive is a Safe Ride Program designed to be a free, non-judgmental service for Mines students that require a ride home under circumstances where their planned mode of transportation is compromised.

Digger Drive Operating Weekends are Listed Below:

September 15/16- Fall Kickoff Weekend

September 29/30- Homecoming Weekend

October 27/28- Halloween Weekend

November 10/11- Veteran's Day Weekend

January 19/20- Spring Kickoff Weekend

February 2/3- Honorary Weekend

February 23/24- Honorary Weekend

March 16/17- St. Patrick's Weekend

April 13/14- E-Days Weekend

April 20/21- Honorary Weekend

Agreement and Release

Follow this link below to complete the rider sign up:

Rider Agreement and Release

Follow this link below to complete the volunteer sign up:

Volunteer Agreement and Release

*Please note: You must fill out respective agreement and release forms before utilization/volunteering of Digger Drive. 

*You must also receive an email from OrgSync saying your Agreement and Release has been approved before you may use Digger Drive.

*Please note: Your home address given on your waiver must be within five miles of campus

Rider Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digger Drive?
I am under 18, can I use Digger Drive?
How do I get a ride?
What are the hours of operation?
Where can Digger Drive drop me off?
I'm kind of far away, can you still pick me up?
How do I make sure I am eligible for Digger Drive?
How do I identify a Digger Drive car?
I need a ride, but I have not signed the agreement and release. Can I still get a ride?
I have signed the agreement and release, but my friend has not signed it. Is it okay if we go to my house?
How many seats are available to riders per car?
What if I miss my Digger Drive car?
I forgot my ID. Can I still use Digger Drive?
I’m with my friend who is not from Mines, can he or she still get a ride?
I was planning on going to a friends house, can Digger Drive drop me off there?
Will there be other passengers in the car when I want to get a ride?
Who are the drivers of Digger Drive?
How much does Digger Drive cost?
How do I know how long it will take my ride to get there?
How do I know when my ride has arrived?

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

How do I volunteer with Digger Drive?
I’d love to volunteer with Digger Drive, but I can’t drive. Can I still volunteer?
I would love to volunteer with Digger Drive, but I do not have any training so I am afraid that I would not be good.





Kristen BakerSafe Ride Head kebaker@mines.edu
Quinn TenorioStudent Body President qktenorio@mines.edu